Cooking a Crown


Here are some links to how the experts do it: Mary Berry , Jamie OliverDelia SmithGreat British Chefs. Please note, our birds cook quicker than some of these recipes as Bramble Farm turkeys are reared longer and have more intramuscular fat.  Also, ovens vary in temperature, so please use a thermometer to confirm when it's ready. 

Here is a guide to how we cook ours.

Approx cooking times: 2 kg: 1 hr, 3 kg: 1 ¼ hrs, 4 kg: 1 ¾ hrs, 5 kg: 2 hrs, Jamie Oliver suggests 25 to 30 mins per kg. 

  1. Take your turkey out of the fridge in the morning or 2hrs before cooking

  2. Pre-heat oven to: 180ºC/350ºF/gas 4, Fan 180ºC

  3. We add a little oil to the tray, put the crown breast side down & season

  4. 1/2 way through, we turn the bird over (pointing up if you have room in your oven)

  5. We baste it with the oil part of the juices in the tray throughout

  6. From half way, we regularly check the temperature in the thickes parts with a meat thermometer.

  7. We add our parboiled potatoes to roast 15 to 30 mins before taking the meat out

  8. As soon as the thickest part gets to 65 °C (not a moment longer) we take it out.

  9. We leave the turkey uncovered at room temperature for 30 mins, it will continue to cook. (Hard to believe, so leave the thermometer in and watch it rise!).

  10. Meanwhile, make the gravy & let the potatoes and veg continue to cook.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, you can buy a Bramble Farm one from the farm for £5.

Kg to pounds calculator for those that work in pounds

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