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Orders are open for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Order and collect direct from the farm, or enquire about delivery.

We have limited availability, so order now to secure the size you want. See our prices & servings guide.

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Fresh free range turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (October - frozen whole, small breast joints and mince) Please choose which type you require whole, crown or roll (for multiple orders, please call)
Whole turkey: 4-5kg, 5-6 kg, 6-7 kg, 7-8 kg, 8-9 kg, 9-10 kg, 10-11 kg or 11-12 kg Crowns: 2-3kg, 3-4kg or 4-5kg Breast or Turkey rolls: 1-2kg or 2-3kg
When for? (20th October - n. of joints or mince) Thanksgiving or Christmas & any special requests.
Collect from the farm or delivery?
We are introducing delivery as well as collection from the farm. Thanksgiving (request date) or Christmas collection dates: 22nd, 23rd or 24th Dec, Christmas delivery on 23rd Dec.
Let us know who, how, where or which show/magazine