BBC Radio 4 Kitchen Cabinet series 26 Woking October 2019 recipes

BBC Radio 4 The Kitchen Cabinet in Woking 12th October- Series 26 Hosted by Jay Rayner and his culinary panel were in Woking, Surrey.

Dr Annie Gray, Jordan Bourke, Sophie Wright and Andi Oliver gave us tips and recipes for cooking turkeys, sweetcorn, Alfajores, chard and answered questions from the audience.

Adrian Joy from Bramble Farm Turkeys was invited by Radio 4 as a guest to answer turkey questions.

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Turkey history and recipes

Food historian Annie Gray talked about the history of turkeys why they became so popular for year round feasts and why they’re better than peacocks 🦚and swans 🦢!!

She recommends Richard Dolby’s dictionary of cookery from the 1800’s which has about 40 turkey recipes.

Adrian Joy and his free range bronze turkeys

Adrian Joy and his free range bronze turkeys

Award winning Free range Bronze turkey farmer Adrian Joy from Bramble Farm Turkeys in West Horsley Surrey, who have been producing slowly reared free range turkeys for 90 years is so passionate about eating turkey year round, he shared the recipe him and his now wife served their guests at they’re wedding breakfast. 

With their chosen caterer Rafika from BeCatering they developed a:  Chorizo, fennel, Parmesan and thyme crumb recipe to encase the free range turkey breast rolls and served with seasonal roasted veg.

Adrian and Sarah Joy’s wedding feast with their Bramble Farm Turkey wrapped in a chorizo crumb

Adrian and Sarah Joy’s wedding feast with their Bramble Farm Turkey wrapped in a chorizo crumb

See Bramble farm’s Other Year round turkey recipes - from spatchcock turkey to curry, canapees and meatballs. Also, our turkeys cook 30% quicker than most, so we have a how to video.

Other turkey recipes on show:

The panel shared a number of favourite turkey recipes.

Andi Oliver raved passionately about a new year round turkey spatchcock recipe she cooks on the barbecue with a glaze based on a Garnean recipe called “Shi To”.

Sophie Wright brought in a delicious smoked turkey recipe for Adrian Joy and the panel to try. Which Everyone agreed was delicious.

Other questions and recipe ideas

The panel and audience also discussed what to do with Swiss chard, how to cook the best meatballs, yummy ways to cook sweetcorn, quince and sandwich biscuits. 

One of the audience Jen from “Just Because Treats” won over the panel with her most amazing alfajores (pronounced “alfahores”) biscuits. The recipe originally from her grandmother in Venezuela, later tweaked by her aunt and more recently her alfajores recipe has been adapted for us in the UK. She brought in 3 flavours of Alfajores, Including the famous Dulce de Leche filling.

Andi Oliver said they we the best biscuits she’d ever tasted!

Jay Rayner also asked the panel what would they put in a 100 year time capsule. Chef Sophie Wright picked the classic Escoffier cookbook volume 1 and 2, whilst Jordan Bourke chose to mature a soy sauce for 100 years!

The program will be aired on the 12th October and the extended podcast version will include parts that didn’t make the show on the 12th.

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