Mary's overnight orange and red wine turkey recipe

A loyal customer for over 50 years wanted to share her recipe with other customers.  She said: "Turkeys are always the Centre piece of Christmas Dinner and for over 50 years we have bought them from the Joy Family at Bramble Farm.  It has been a well known family run business for a number of years providing Turkeys of the highest quality. Every December we journey from Hampshire to collect our Turkeys and have no hesitation in recommending Bramble Farm Turkeys – they are the best and take special place on our Christmas Dinner table."

Photo courtesy of the  original dish

Photo courtesy of the original dish

Mary's recipe

Preparation: Start the night before

Cooking time: Slow cooked for about 6 hours


  • 1 Turkey

  • 4 Large oranges

  • ¼ pint White Wine


  • Squeeze the oranges to make ¼ pint of juice then cut the oranges up and stuff them inside the turkey’s backside which will keep the breast moist while cooking.

  • Stuff the neck end with stuffing.

  • Add the orange juice to the wine and pour some of it over the Turkey and leave over night.

  • With the rest baste during cooking which also helps to keep the breast moist.

  • Any left over use to make the gravy.

  • Mary says: "I got this recipe from two Australian chefs and I have to say it really does keep the turkey moist.

She cooks her turkey very slowly starting off on a high heat and then reducing down the temperature so that it cooks for about 6 hours.

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