Bronze turkeys since 1929


Why buy from us?

We’ve been producing high quality, slowly matured, great tasting, succulent turkeys since 1929. Free range and fed on GM free feed. You can buy directly from us – why wouldn’t you?

Which breed?

We only rear traditional Bronze turkeys. They are flavoursome and succulent. Their name comes from the beautiful bronze feathers they develop.

Why slowly reared?

It’s simple, to get the best flavour it takes time. Supermarket turkeys are reared in 12 weeks, ours are reared in nearly 6 months, double the cost to produce but immeasureably better flavour.

We think it’s the right thing to do and we’re lucky our customers agree. Some have been buying our turkeys from us for over 50 years.

Why free range?

Our turkey's welfare is the most important thing to us. We like to give them the best life we can. That means plenty of space in their buildings and letting them roam outside. It also means only the best high quality straw to sleep on, GM free feed, plenty of natural light, fresh air, water and things to keep them entertained like perches.

We look after them round the clock. Checks start at 05:30am and the last check is around 11pm. We feel our turkeys have the best welfare possible, almost impossible to achieve in mass produced turkeys. This means we get the best flavour nature intended.

What do our customers say?

We are very lucky to have customers that have been buying from us for over 50 years. Find out what our customers old and new say about our turkeys. Read their reviews.

Customer reviews:


"Fantastic every time. You can taste the difference of slowly matured, free range turkeys."

/  Katie, leatherhead, a loyal customer for over 15 years  /