Cooking checklist


Whichever recipe you're using, getting your timings right, whilst staying calm and enjoying time with your guests is an art.

We've been practicing and find that creating a timing checklist and setting 5-10 alarm times, to keep you on track is the key.

Here's how we do ours for a turkey with a 2hr cooking time

  1. Select the time you want to eat e.g. 2pm

  2. Now minus 30 mins+ for turkey resting time out of the oven e.g. 1:30pm

  3. We work out when to put our Turkey in - e.g. 11:30am

  4. Work out when 1/2 the cooking time is e.g. 1hr, so turn it at 12:30

  5. Oven needs to go on 30 mins before

  6. Turkey needs taking out of the fridge 2 hrs before e.g. 09:30am

Then we slot in the other times in between and write our timings chronologically. For example

  1. 09:30 take turkey out

  2. 11:00 Turn oven on to pre-heat

  3. 11:30 Turkey in

  4. 12:30 Turn Turkey

  5. check temperature & baste every 15 mins in between

  6. 13:00-13:15 put roast potatoes in

  7. 13:30 Take turkey out

  8. Make gravy, cook green veg, warm plates

  9. 14:00 Carve and serve

We have a basic timing template which we print off & add our times to

On an iPhone, you can set an alarm for each of these times, so that whilst guest are there, you can stay on track.

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